Developed by CKLO, Agendo is a web-based platform that delivers a comprehensive set of fit-for-purpose solutions to core facilities and research infrastructures. Being the product of years of experience in a research environment, it was designed to answer the needs of sharing and optimising expensive-to-acquire-and-to-run resources, either equipment, services and human. Agendo provides numerous features that facilitate resource management, including extensive booking rules and automation, project and requests managements and detailed billing. In addition, it was conceived to privilege communication and reporting, offering a set of communication channels (such as a chat tool, embedded social network and mailing lists), integrated reporting, issue tracking and targeted surveys. Importantly, in Agendo data is managed following the FAIR principles to promote reproducibility of science data. By integrating comprehensive workflows and a wide range of configurable options, Agendo manages to facilitate and enhance core facility management.

Our team

40+ years of combined expertise in research management.
Committed to bring you the best Agendo experience, everyday.

Mastered in Applied Physics, Nuno worked as a programmer in 2 leading companies. In 2000 he joined the Gulbenkian Institute for managing the imaging facility and in 2008, he got the position for coordinating the scientific infrastructures, one year before finishing his PhD. This was also the year that he released Agendo as an open source solution. In 2012, Nuno took some Master classes in Management. He is involved in many European initiatives such as CTLS, EU-LIFE, and leading the CMW.

Nuno Moreno

João obtained a degree in Biomedical Engineering from the NOVA University, Portugal, in 2008. In 2010, he joined the Gulbenkian Institute, where he started his work with Agendo and Ekrano. In 2011 he moved to London, where he stayed until he received his Ph.D degree in 2015 from Imperial College London, UK, for his work in autofluorescence spectroscopy. During this period, Agendo was released as a commercial product. After a brief return to Gulbenkian Institute in 2015, he also took post-doctoral positions at UC Davis and INO-CNR (Italy).

João Lagarto

Inês is a Biomedical Engineer and she codes. Experienced in web development since 2016, she is currently working in front end development (with HTML/CSS, jQuery, AJAX and others) creating and updating the Agendo platform, and supporting the back end with PHP/MYSQL connection.

Inês Vale

Graduated on Biomedical Laboratory Sciences in 2018, Cláudia gained laboratory expertise at the Pathology Department of Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen, Denmark) and various Portuguese institutes. She then worked as a Histopathology Technician at Gulbenkian Institute for Science and, in 2019, became the manager of Agendo platform. She is now taking the role of product manager, sales and customer support.

Cláudia Faria

Marta has a PhD in Immunology by the University of Paris and currently she is Head of Flow Cytometry and Antibodies at Gulbenkian Institute for Science. Before that, Marta has worked as a researcher for 15 years, in Portugal and abroad; has been an Assistant Professor at the Medical School of the University of Lisbon; and has been worldwide R&D manager of a multinational pharmaceutical company. She is author of several scientific publications and co-inventor of a patent that was at the origin of an award-winning entrepreneurship project and the foundation of a start-up.
With her strong scientific know-how and practical input in core facility management, in 2020 she started collaborating with Agendo for business development and marketing.

Marta Monteiro

António holds a bachelor in Apps and Games development by Universidade Europeia. In 2019 held a semester abroad in Games Programming at Breda University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) and
became a game programming teacher for Happy Code Cascais, having taught in their summer camps and at Bafureira School. He is also co-founder of a digital start-up. Started to collaborate with CKLO in 2020, making some back-end micro-services, bug fixes, and testing. He seeks a career path of SCRUM master and is getting training to lead our deployment process, with Agendo.

António Cordeiro

Mastered in Food Technology and a postgraduate in Marketing, António has a post graduation in Business Process Management and ECBL certification in Logistics.
For 14 years he worked directly with customers for a company that provides equipment for health, research and B2B markets, and acted as Sales Rep, Sales Manager, Service Manager and company procurator.
He is the Procurement Coordinator at Instituto Gulbenkian Ciência since 2010 and partner at Agendo and Flybridge.

António Bretanha

We are mobile friendly,

Agendo's interface is responsive. Manage your requests and bookings anywhere. As long as you have internet connection and a modern web browser, you can access Agendo using any mobile device.

honest and dependable,

We care and understand our customers. All collaborators of CKLO work or worked in a research environment. Our goal is to elevate the standards of research infrastructures by providing professional software and support.

and always improving.

Not only do we want to keep meeting our customers demands, we deliver what we forecast to be the research infrastructures of tomorrow. Further, we try to keep up with new technology and scientific advances, and grow as our customers grow.

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Our business model is based on Agendo subscription in a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. With this methodology, we can achieve an unbeatable price and a pay-as-you-use invoicing mechanism.

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