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Driving the future of core facilities and shared resources labs

The cutting-edge, user-friendly tool for managing research infrastructures. Bringing excellence to your research,
every day.

AGENDO delivers the
management solution
that core facilities need
to adapt to the fast evolving
research environment,

Tools to manage resources, services and more!

AGENDO provides the tools to be used in any facility type
and with flexible workflows


Resource Booking

Use a comprehensive resource scheduling with an intuitive interface and colour-coded booking status. You can find waiting lists, booking reminders and real-time usage tracking with automatic booking confirmations.


Products & Services

Order consumables and services using our intuitive interface. Spend less time and effort keeping track of your facility or laboratory orders by using our comprehensive workflow to manage requisitions.


Reporting & Billing

Save time and increase your margins with our smart billing and pricing schemes. Use our advanced statistics and dynamic reporting to monitor resource usage and requests and increase efficiency in your laboratory.


Data Management

Findable. Accessible. Interoperable. Reusable. Follow FAIR data principles whithin a data management workflow. Raw data is unambiguously linked to provided metadata when making a booking, a request or running an experiment.

10+ Years empowering research

"AGENDO is a life savior! With dozens of calendars to manage, a database of >400 users and 50 different groups, with >18kh/y of usage it would be impossible for me to manage everything without this wonderful tool. AGENDO does everything I need to keep booking and billings in order, but also accessing user contacts, managing service times, SOPS/protocols, stocks, track assistances and issue reports, project management, usage & billing reports with graphs, and new features just keep on coming! I can even manage bookings from my cell phone, which is extremely convenient. The support and development team and unbeatable, always responsive and accessible. Two thumbs up!" - Aug 2020

Gabriel Martins, PhD
Head of the Advanced Imaging Facility | Gulbenkian Science (Portugal)

"We use AGENDO with 11 flow cytometers and have a user base of over 150 people. We chose to have AGENDO fully hosted and the service has been 100% reliable with fast support. AGENDO has clearly been designed by people who understand the requirements of core facility management."

Paul Sopp, PhD
Flow Cytometry Facility Manager | Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford (UK)

"The implementation of the Agendo platform at CNC was a great asset both for managers of technological platforms and for researchers.
Agendo allows platform and service managers to efficiently manage the use of different equipments at different levels. Highlight:
- the easy implementation of scheduling rules, and usage;
- the availability of consumables, and their management;
- the system for easy communication with users;
- easy to obtain usage reports, which can be obtained in various ways (groups of researchers, equipment, etc.);
- the possibility of financial management of technological platforms.
For researchers, Agendo delivers a transparent and efficient way to book different equipments, facilitating the organization of laboratory work.
The support from the Agendo technical team is fantastic, and the response time is almost immediate.
Right now I'm quite satisfied and I have nothing to point out!" - Aug 2020

Luisa Cortes, PhD
Head of the Microscopy Unit | Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (Portugal)

"Straightforward, easy-to use on-line platform for facility management in research institutes, coupled to efficient built-in social networking which enables both managers and users to quickly arrange bookings." - Aug 2020

Chiara Cordiglieri, PhD
Imaging Facility Manager | Istituto Nazionale Genetica Molecolare (Italy)

AGENDO is deployed worldwide!

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