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Reporting & Billing

Save time and increase your margins with our smart billing and pricing schemes. Use our advanced statistics and dynamic reporting to monitor resource usage and requests and increase efficiency in your laboratory.

Business Intelligence

Check the usage statistics of any calendar, request, facility or group, per user or general.
You can easily understand important metrics and indicators to achieve your goals by following the dashboard overview. Currently, we offer large tens of small widgets with key information, but those can be extended to match your needs.

Financial Reporting

AGENDO works based in a model of financial datawarehouse. With this strategy, we make daily snapshots of the charges in each individual bill item, thus keeping the historical charging consistent. Individual or grouped entries can nevertheless be edited by the managers to correct last-minute changes, like accounts information.

Issue Tracking

When users find an issue in a bookable resource, they can generate a ticket to report slot specific or generic problems. The users can then follow the process until it is resolved.
Managers and staff can then filter and organise these tickets, to better keep track of reported users' issues. 

Targeted Surveys

You can direct surveys for quality assessments. Gather information and insights of your respondents on their level of satisfaction using your resources or facility. All surveys are configurable and are automatically available for users, depending on usage, random or hand picked. Further, it is also possible to filter responses by dates, so that you can understand the evolution of your facility.


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