- Our solutions to cope with this pandemic -

New feature coming!

Agendo will soon release a new feature that will optimise calendar management to face the COVID situation, with a refined overview and room/calendar access control. This will be a huge enhancement to the software, and to core facility management in general!

We keep improving!

- We aim to always be up-to-date, while forecasting your future needs -


- Distinct user profiles with access to different time schedules for the resource
- Warning notifications about usage
- Information and issues linked directly to the reservation in the software
- Instructions and media attachments

Equipment Usage

- Calendar profiles with room occupancy warnings
- Real usage tracking with notifications
- Buffer time between reservations
- Mobile friendliness to improve access flexibility


- Mailing lists to target users
- Chat for easier communication
- Issue tracking at the booking slot level
- Requesting services via structured forms, with defined workflows and interactions that need no physical contact

... and more to come!


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